Commissioning Work

Public Commissions & Licensing Material


Through my career of 20 years as a professional artist I have worked on numerous projects both large and small in scale. These projects can range from book covers (as shown here) to Magazine Covers and interior illustrations to packaging artwork to small book runs that need to utilize an existing work to Comic Book covers and Gaming Cards. No project is too large or small and I am always eager to brainstorm with the client to help flush out the idea.


I own the copyright to virtually 99% of the work that I produce. I have partnered with numerous print houses and direct mail catelogues through licensing agreements to deliver my work to a brauder audience. Products have included greeting cards, posters and prints, t-shirts and other clothing, stickers and bookmarks. If you see any image on this site that you would like to license please contact me to discuss.

Private Commissions


By far one of the most enjoyable aspects of being an artist is working directly with your audience by helping to bring their vision to life through your own voice. Over the years I have produced private commissions for military families, art historians and teachers, start-up or kickstarter campaigns, and simply admirers of my work. These projects have ranged from a small monochromatic illustration to a large painting as shown here to a full back tattoo piece design. Usually the person commissioning the piece will have some idea of what they are looking for but occassionally the commission will literally be "Just do something similar to this other piece of yours".


If you have a unique concept or idea that you would like to breath life into or you would just like to own a piece that is unique to you then please contact me for more details. My rates are very reasonable and I offer payment plans for every budget. 

Portrait Commissions


Commissioning a portrait is a significant undertaking. Unlike a photograph a portrait not only conveys the likeness but the personality and character of the subject. Regardless of the degree of complexity of the portrait you commission, I always strives to create an heirloom quality portrait masterpiece of the highest standards.


Since a portrait is a collaboration between patron and artist, the first step is to establish a dialogue and determine the scope of the portrait you desire. I strive to accommodate both your vision and your budget while producing an object that will last long after the family photos have faded.


Oil Painted Portraits on Linen Canvas start at $650 (11" x 14" Vignette) while works on toned paper start at $350. Price is based on the number of people or pets in the painting; how much of each subject is to be depicted; the size of the actual painting itself; the intricacy of clothing, jewelry and props; and the complexity of the background.


Travel expenses, framing costs (if handled by me), shipping fees and any state or city sales tax, where applicable, are additional. A one half non-refundable deposit is required when you sign the contract. When the portrait is complete a quick shot will be sent to you for approval. If the finished piece meets your approval, a final payment is due and the piece will be delivered to you..


The following cost estimates are based on approximately life sized, single figure, portraits against simple tonal backgrounds. For more involved portraits additional cost is added to the prices below.


Oil Paint on Linen Canvas



11 x 14″


Head & Shoulders

14 x 18″ – 22 x 28″


Half length

22 x 30″ – 28 x 34″


Three-quarter length

30 x 36″ – 38 x 48″


Full length

38 x 48″ 




Monochromatic Work on Toned Paper


Cameo with color

11 x 14″


Head & Shoulders

14 x 18″ – 18 x 22″









Portrait Vignettes Oil Painting on Linen Canvas


This is a less formal solution to portraiture than a fully resolved painting. The face is completely developed but the majority of the painting varies in its degree of finish. It conveys a spontaneous quality which works well in children’s portraits.


Vignette portrait

11 x 14″ - 16 x 20"



All images Copyright © 2020 Matt Hughes

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