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Dark Romanticism


Connected most popularly with the writings of Edgar Allen Poe this movement also has deep roots in the visual art of Goya, Fuseli, and Paul Dardé as well as Symbolists such as Fernand Khnopff and Gustave Moreau just to name a few. The "meaning" of Dark Romanticism is somewhat open to debate and there are several grey lines with this movement and other symbolic movements. 


For me Dark Romanticism is a window to a side of human psyche that is formed through symbolic imagery and visual language embedded in the darker aspect of us all. This might be a view of death, an understanding of dark emotion, or a place to symbolically speak to questions we each ask ourselves. Far from gore this movement focuses on a dark beauty rather than a frightful image. It gives us an unsettling answer to those questions we sometimes fear to tred towards.


In all aspects it should have a deeper language than spoken word and should leave the viewer with questions as well as answers.

Gothic Art Nouveau


The beauty and simplicity of line. The term "Art Nouveau" is synonimus with the interaction of design and nature. A "total" art style whose origins lie in the genius of mid 19th century artist Alphonse Mucha's need to produce poster art for events such as Operas and theatrical performances, the movement was later expanded upon through architecture, product design and even decorative lamp designs by companies such as Tiffany. Although today the term has been diluted to include more cartoonish designs that rely heavily upon the basic geometry from the past rather than the original purpose of the interaction of form and shape there are still those that practice this style more true to the original vision of Mucha.


In 2009 I coined the phrase "Gothic Art Nouveau" out of a deep respect for the original movement and a need to expand on the philosophy. Through Gothic Art Nouveau I pay homage to this wonderful period of innovation and simplicity of line and color while still staying true to my own style and artistic voice. Many of these works are of a darker nature. Their design is always born from an understanding of simplicity of shape and the interaction of elements with the figure.




Portraiture work has always been a stable for any fine artist, especially those that choose Oil as a main medium to work with. Whether it is a quick study, a self portrait, or a private commission each portrait I produce is intended to not only be an exploration in technique and form but also a piece that can stand alone as a finished thought.


Most of my portraiture work has been the product of commissioned work and I welcome your inquireries. Please explore this section to see more of my work in this genere.

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