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Gothic Art Nouveau - The Art of Matt Hughes


The third collection of Matt's work. Blending the romantic ideals of Art Nouveau with the dark horror and mystery of Gothic, the resulting mixture is a heady and triguing combination. Illustrator Matt Hughes has forged these distint forms into a new movement, perfectly named "Gothis Art Nouveau". Wander an exhilarating and forbidding gallery of unique and beautiful creations. Also conatins a fascinating step-by-step section.


48 pages in full color. 9 x 12 inch format

ISBN 978-0-86562-249-4


Below are 3 very different purchasing options!

Thoughts of the Artist, Original Sketch
& Signed Book

The untimate in peering into the mind of an artist! In this version Matt has taken only one copy of the book and added personal thoughts and notes regarding many peices within the book. These notes include model preferences, color choices, and the meanings behind certain elements - many of which have never been made public.


This version also includes the unique one-of-a-kind original sketch as described below.


Please allow 2 weeks for delivery.

Original Sketch & Signed Book
$45 plus shipping
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This version of the book will also include a one-of-a-kind original sketch. Each unique sketch measures 6 x 8 and is graphite on heavy vellum paper. Above are two examples of the type of sketch you will receive.


Book will come signed.


Please allow 2 weeks for delivery.

Signed Book
$20 plus shipping
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One signed copy of the book.


Please allow 1 weeks for delivery.

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